"UN Security Council Resolution 1701"


This term refers to UN Security Council Resolution 1701 (11/8/06) aimed at ending the hostilities in Lebanon and at preparing the ground for a long-lasting ceasefire between Israel and Lebanon.


Following the abduction of two Israeli soldiers (12/7/06) by Hizbullah, Israel responded by launching air and ground military operations in Lebanon. After four weeks of fighting the Security Council unanimously adopted Resolution 1701 that called for an immediate end of the hostilities and for the establishment of a permanent ceasefire based on a two-phased plan.

The first phase of the ceasefire calls for Israel's withdrawal and for the concurrent deployment of Lebanese and international forces in Southern Lebanon. This phase is to be followed by a negotiated permanent ceasefire. Resolution 1701 does not set a clear framework of the permanent ceasefire, but mentions the basic principles and elements on which it is supposed to be based.

"UN Security Council Resolution 1701"
קראו את הגרסה בעברית

Delegitimization, Partner for Peace, Legitimacy, Emergency Preparedness, National Security Council


Concepts and Terms

National Security

Regional Security

The Resolution aims at reestablishing the sovereignty of the Lebanese government over the whole Lebanese territory.

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