2011: The Year We Punched Back on the Assault on Israel's legitimacy

ReViews | 17th Issue

This issue of 'ReViews' sheds light on this year’s relatively successful efforts to contain the assault on Israel's legitimacy. These achievements are primarily the result of growing attention dedicated to the challenge, increasing comprehension of its global nature, and timely dedication of resources to fight against it. Indeed, all over the world, Israel and its allies have achieved small but significant ‘triumphs.’​

The assault on Israel’s legitimacy was not stopped everywhere, and there are still too many anti-Israel events contributing to a dangerous ongoing 'drip effect.' Moreover, it is clear that the developments in the Middle East have also diverted the attention of the world from Israel. And yet, this year a coordinated global effort to combat delegitimization emerged on every front, from international forums to university campuses. Indeed, the efforts invested towards this purpose sparked the successful creation of an 'anti-delegitimization network.'

In the first part of this document – ‘resources and inputs’ – we will analyze the emergence of our network. Critical contributions to this emergence include the Government of Israel (GOI) and the Jewish world's mobilization against the political assault on Israel, progress in connecting between the hubs and catalysts within our network, and the widening of our network's base (‘the broad tent approach’).

In the second section – ‘results and outputs’ – we will describe a number of achievements in repelling the delegitimization campaign this year. These include: The failure of ‘mega’ propaganda events (e.g. the Gaza flotilla), accomplishments in the legal arena, success in extracting a ‘price tag’ for acts of delegitimization, neutralization of key events on the ‘anti-Israel Calendar,’ and progress in stifling the momentum of anti-Israel boycotts.

Finally, we would like to stress that this year’s low tide does not herald the end of the assault on Israel. An upcoming issue of ReViews will point out emerging trends that are likely to shape the form of the assault on Israel's legitimacy in 2012. Indeed, Israel and its allies should not be intoxicated by achievements, and should be prepared to deal with abrupt changes in the make-up of the political assault on the Israel’s foundations.


Two State Solution, Diaspora Relations, Delegitimization, Partner for Peace, Zionism



National Security

Delegitimization of Israel

Israel and its allies have achieved a number of impressive successes in countering the assault on Israel in 2011.

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