Case Study: Incorporating The Global Competitiveness Index in Policy Planning

Executive Summary

  1. Achieving a development leap in Quality of Life in Israel depends on Israel's ability to compete for Human Capital and investments in the global marketplace.

  2. Effectively improving national competitiveness through policies is grounded in comparing Israel to a reference group of competing countries.

  3. Indices that enable international comparison are useful tools for decision makers to identify challenges and estimate policy successes.

  4. This paper demonstrates the usefulness of the Global Competitiveness Index in examining two aspects of Quality of Life: Human Capital and an environment that supports growth.

  5. Decision makers can identify issues that require government action/attention by analyzing Israel's challenges and opportunities in light of existing government policies.


Socioeconomic Growth, Regional Development, Leapfrogging, Israel 15, Start-Up Nation




National Leapfrog

Israel should compare itself to leading countries, because they compete with Israel on their ability to attract resources and human capital by providing a high Quality of Life.

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