International Involvement Predicament (2) – Inverse Sequence of Actions

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What is the Issue?​
  • The resistance rationale of Hizbullah dictates that the organization will not disarm until the resolution of all outstanding issues between Israel and Lebanon (if it disarms at all). This rationale serves Lebanese, Syrian and Iranian interests.​

  • The political rationale of Israel and the US calls upon Hizbullah to disarm and upon the government of Lebanon to assert its sovereignty over its entire territory during or prior to any political arrangement that would deal with the outstanding issues.

Why is this Important?  Why Now?​
  • These contradicting rationales may create a deadlock in the planning or implementation of the new political arrangement.​

  • Insisting on the disarmament of Hizbullah prior to the settlement of the outstanding issues contradicts the basic logic of the resistance and would lead to a deadlock.​

  • As long as these issues are not settled, Hizbullah will remain armed.


["Delegitimization, Partner for Peace, Legitimacy, Emergency Preparedness, National Security Council']


Point of View

National Security

Regional Security

Israel cannot affect the resistance rationale, according to which the outstanding issues should be resolved before disarmament, as is stems from the very nature of the resistance.

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