Iranian Hegemony


The concept "Iranian Hegemony" discusses Iran's aspiration to acquire economic, military and political power, which will enable it to (1) secure the stability of the Iranian Regime; (2) defend its territorial integrity; (3) utilize its natural resources; (4) influence regional processes; (5) export the Islamic Revolution; based on (6) recognition of its status as a leading state in the international arena.


Iran's aspiration for regional hegemony and recognition of its leading international status stems from its large territory and population, its important geographic location, its central status within the Islamic-Shiite world, its history as a regional empire and its economic and military potential.

In recent years, Iran is making an effort to expand its regional and international influence. Iran's ability to advance this agenda derives from regional and global developments, such as the end of the Iran-Iraq war (1988); collapse of the USSR (1991); US war on terror and democratization agenda it advanced in the Middle East (since 2001); collapse of Saddam Hussein's regime in Iraq (4/03); rise of oil prices; and tension between China, Russia and the US.

Iranian Hegemony
קראו את הגרסה בעברית

Legitimacy, Emergency Preparedness, Delegitimization, Zionism, Diaspora Relations


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National Security

Regional Security

Iran's central objective is to obtain international recognition of its regime and stop attempts to topple it.

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