Israel’s New Social Contract for Growth, Inclusiveness and Community-Building

ISRAEL 15 Vision

Israel’s New Social Contract


  • High and inclusive growth is Israel’s shared national goal, with the objective of becoming one of the 15 leading countries in terms of quality of life. The test of progress will be the accumulation of financial, human and social capital by all citizens and particularly children.​

  • Communities are the foundational unit of Israeli society and the basis for local prosperity, resilience, and inclusiveness. Vibrant community life is the basis for the individual to form his or her identity, realize capabilities, and accumulate capital, and therefore, must be available to every citizen. Each community should be entitled to all platforms and to a standard of resources and services. Micro, small and medium enterprises and initiatives are an inseparable component of a vibrant and prosperous community with the active support of the government.​

  • Locally elected civic leadership has a right and an obligation to participate in shaping their community and its local institutions, together with the municipality and Government of Israel. The Knesset and the government will regulate, broaden, and incentivize civic involvement herein, primarily in schools, community centers, youth organizations, sports associations, and arts and culture institutions.




Smart Communities

Israeli society will be a working society, in which wages ensure dignified living.

"Where there is no vision, the people perish" Proverbs 29:18

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