The PA Under Hamas – From “Partner” to “Address”?

Following the electoral victory of Hamas the Israeli position is that there is no Palestinian “partner” for the political process (Ha’aretz, 3/7/06). The declaration by Hamas leader Khaled Mashal that Hamas will not accept the Roadmap (Ha’aretz, 3/5/06) strengthens this perception. However, the absence of a Palestinian “partner” does not necessarily mean that there is no political “address” within the Palestinian Authority (PA).

What is the Issue?​
  • ​The Re’ut Institute proposes the following definitions for the purpose of creating Israeli policy vis-à-vis the PA:

    • “Address” is a political entity that has delivery capability, i.e. carrying capacity, legitimacy and responsibility;​

    • “Partner” is a political entity that is an “Address” and has the Will to carry-out a shared political goal.

  • In light of Hamas’ objection to negotiations with Israel, it appears that Hamas will not become a “partner” for the political process. Therefore, it is important to ascertain whether there is a political “address” within the PA according to a number of variables:        

    • ​Carrying capacity –​​​ 

      • Material components – Availability and quantity of human, financial and physical resources.​

      • Political components – Ability of the government to stay in power and form a coalition for the purpose of passing decisions and laws.​

      • Legal-constitutional components – capacity to ratify decisions of the executive branch and legislation in the judicial and constitutional institutions.

      • Institutional components – Ability of governmental branches to implement governmental policy and enforce relevant laws.​​​

    • Legitimacy – The legitimacy of the PA among its residents and the international community.

    • Responsibility – In the Palestinian context, “responsibility” relates to the PA’s obligation to abide by international legal norms and existing political agreements with Israel.​​

​Following its electoral victory the international community and Israel both seem to consider Hamas responsible for Palestinian residents of the West Bank and Gaza.

The PA Under Hamas – From “Partner” to “Address”?
קראו את הגרסה בעברית

Two State Solution, Partner for Peace, Legitimacy, West Bank, Gaza


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Israel & The Palestinians

The Hamas movement is a terror organization loyal to the Palestinian ethos of struggle and explicitly strives for the destruction of Israel. Hamas rejects negotiations with Israel.

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