The Petraeus Report


The term 'Petraeus Report' refers to the personal testimony of Multinational Force Commander (MFC) in Iraq, General David H. Petraeus, regarding the progress of the United States and its allies in their military operation in Iraq. Petraeus delivered his assessments to Congress in September 2007 (10-11/9).


At the beginning of 2007, the US government decided to embark on a new military operation in Iraq, known as the ‘Surge’. The new policy was based on the Bush administration’s idea of a ‘New Way Forward’. Its goal was to improve security and prepare the ground in Iraq for stabilization of the political system. To this end, the US increased its military presence in Iraq.

Concurrent to the comprehensive military operation, debate in the US over its presence in Iraq intensified. Democrats in Congress demanded immediate withdrawal from Iraq and acted to change US strategy.

In this context, General Petraeus testified before Congress on September of 2007.

The Petraeus Report
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National Security

Regional Security

The Petraeus Report suggests a model for a gradual transfer of authority to the Iraqi military. At each stage, the US presence would be reduced and Iraqi presence increased. According to Petraeus, gradual progress will be determined according to the capacity of Iraqi security mechanisms to ensure order and stability in the country.

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