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COVID-19 Solutions


Coronavirus creates both unprecedented challenges and innovations as new needs and solutions surface minute-by-minute around the world. In Israel, as society slowly returns to normal, Israelis are turning their efforts towards asking how innovations developed within Israel in response to the pandemic can be effectively organized and shared with Jewish communities struggling around the world.

Driven by this mission, a group of young independent Israeli entrepreneurs launched COVID-19 Solutions, an online “marketplace” aimed at matching the needs, ideas and solutions between Israel, the Jewish people and the greater world. The platform is also hosting a series of webinars to share innovative projects and technologies that can provide individuals and communities with ideas and opportunities as they work to adapt to this crisis in the short and long term.

COVID 19 SOLUTIONS is a collaborative project between ACT-IL, ISRAEL-is and the Peoplehood Coalition, a community-initiated and powered by the Reut Group. The Peoplehood Coalition encourages Israeli civil society leaders to harness their passion, talent and tools to support Jewish communities challenged by the coronavirus.

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