The Jewish-Israel Erasure in the Progressive Discourse

See the videos from the Reut Institute's virtual seminar on the challenges for Israel and Jewish communities within the current progressive discourse – from the rise in political extremism to the threat of antisemitism and what Reut frames as ‘the Israel and Jewish erasure’. Over 30 speakers from all over the world addressed these pressing issues and presented diverse perspectives and ground-breaking solutions.

Opening plenary, discussing the Israel-Jewish erasure in the progressive discourse, and the challenges to the State of Israel and Jewish communities. 

With Eran Shayshon (Reut's CEO), Jonathan Greenblatt (CEO & National Director of ADL) and Batya Ungar-Sargon (Deputy opintion editor in Newsweek and author). 

First Round

Breakout 1: Rebuilding the center - The stress that Jews experience from being in between the hammer of right-wing antisemitism and the anvil of left-wing antisemitism provides a unique opportunity to lead the rebuilding of the discourse in the center of the political and cultural map, which the radicalization of discourse has almost eliminated. With Barak Sella (Reut), David Bernstein (Jewish Institute for Liberal Values), Dr. Rachel Fish (Boundless), Dr. Scott Lasensky (ENTER) and Dr. Brandy Shufutinsky

Breakout 2: Community relations and prospects of engagement with minorities - Reut has been an ardent advocate for the community relations field and we believe that the Israel-Jewish erasure emphasizes the dire need to invest in it. However, compared to the past, the scope of activity and resources of community relations organizations is in decline. Speakers: Adi Levy (moderator), Melanie Roth-Gorelick (JCPA), Tyler Gregory (JCRC SF), Nancy Kaufman (NYJA), Leah Soibel (Fuente Latina), Gideon Taylor (JCRC NY)

Breakout 3: Progressive antisemitism: best practices from the world - Many important lessons can be learned from local experience around the world from several initiatives addressing antisemitism emanating from the progressive movement. Speakers: Matan Sandler (moderator), David Hirsh (London Centre for the Contemporary Study of Antisemitism), Sara Saber Freedman (CIJA), Rotem Oreg (Israeli-Democratic Alliance), David Hatchwell Altaras (ACOM), Simone Rodan Benzaquen (AJC Europe)

Second Round

Breakout 4: Engaging liberal and progressive circles during the conflict - Liberal voices in are seemingly in the best position to challenge the Jewish-Israeli erasure. The great challenge is the perception among many that it might enable Israel to evade discussion on Israel's policy towards the Palestinians. Speakers: Avital Inbar (moderator), Kenneth Stern (Bard Center for the Study of Hate), Nomi Colton-Max (Ameinu), Jonathan Kessler (Heart of a Nation), Rabbi David Saperstein (RAC) Adina Vogel-Ayalon (J-Street)

Breakout 5: Role of Emerging communities - In recent years, several emerging communities are developing their own institutions and structures and demand a seat around the table. The identity of these communities is unique as well as their attitudes towards Israel. Speakers: Hilla Drechler (moderator), Izabella Tabarovsky (Wilson Center), Roman Shmulenson (COJECO), Lindsey Newman (Be'chol Lashon), Tal Shuster (IAC), and David Suissa (Jewish Journal). 

Breakout 6: The potential of the Abraham Accords to defeat extremism - The Abraham Accords are often described as an axis of moderates against regional extremism. It seems that the strongest opponents of the Abraham Accords in the US are radical progressive organizations & US Islamists organizations. Speakers: Eran Shayshon (moderator), Abed Assli (Reut), Najat AlSayed (Sharaka), Fleur Hassan Nahoum (UAE-Israel Business Council), Ahdeya AlSaied (former Barhaini Journalist Association), Eyal Biram Israeli-is

The view from Israel - While the Israel-Jewish erasure is an American social phenomenon, it has a significant impact on Israel, affecting its relations between Israelis and American Jews, as well as the strategic relationship between Israel and the USA. Speakers: Gidi Grinstein (Reut's founder), Asaf Zamir (IL Consul General in NY), Sima Vaknin Gill (Strategic Impact), Avital Leibovitch (AJC)