A Mechanism For Direct Consultation Between Israel an World Jewry


Deliberating on how to Consult!

Led by Minister of Diaspora Affairs Omar Yankelevich and MK Tehila Friedman a new channel was established to strengthen the connection between Israel and the Jewish people.

The new "Law of Consultation" will ensure that the work of the Knesset and the government takes into account Israel's role as a national home of the entire Jewish people. This law will ensure more conscious decision-making and will help us realize our Zionist mission and continue to strengthen every community and every Jew in the world.

How to consult properly? This is the question that was at the center of our event yesterday. We thank the speakers for their insights regarding these complex questions and the participants for an empowering event.

Feel free to delve into the content of the recording of the meeting, and read Reut's document in the first comment

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