Reut’s vision is of a twenty-first century Zionism that guarantees the right of the Jewish people to self-determination in the State of Israel as a secure, prosperous, and democratic state; secures the continued meaningful existence of the Jewish people; and aspires for the State of Israel to serve as a leading light among nations.


The Reut Group is a non-profit organization that was founded in 2004 by Gidi Grinstein as the Reut Institute to become a leadership, strategy, and impact organization. Reut creates and scales innovative models that tackle critical challenges facing the State of Israel, Israeli society and the Jewish world.


Using our unique combination of theory, methodology, and technology, we identify areas in which ‘blind spots’ in the way leaders perceive a given reality generate a "fundamental gap" between these perceptions and fast-changing realities. Reut’s process is based on the work of the Praxis Institute’s reframing methods, tools, and services its founder Dr. Zvi Lanir.


Reut works in Israel and internationally, engaging across levels of leadership and society relevant to our focus issue areas. We seek to mobilize adaptive change in these areas, and to circumvent potential for ‘fundamental surprises’ – which occur when a mindset that has become irrelevant meets disruptive external changes – to pose a threat to Israel and the Jewish people.


Reut’s process includes several stages:


  1. Identifying blind spots in areas critical to Israel and the Jewish people, and which addressing requires changes in mindset and deep adaptation;

  2. Formulating the desired vision of reality;

  3. Developing strategies and approaches for realizing the vision;

  4. Piloting a design that creates a new working model or solution as a response to the challenge, in collaboration and partnership with individuals and organizations that are central to the issue.

Today, the Reut Group's works in areas of national security, Israeli-Jewish relations, and the socio-economic development.



The Reut Group is committed to training and empowering young leaders dedicated to serving the Israeli public and Jewish people. We provide each member of our team the opportunity for a formative personal experience and a unique set of skills in strategic thinking and leadership.


Lectures & Workshops

Reut offers lectures, discussions, and workshops in Hebrew and English in our areas of expertise including national security, leadership, the Jewish people, and socio-economic development in Israel. We are happy to come to you or host individuals and groups in our office. See suggested lectures from our menu here.


Consulting & Research

We provide research and analysis fundamentals using our years of experience tackling a wide range of issues, and acquiring a specific understanding of your challenge. We deploy the Reut methodology for identifying and characterizing strategic blind spots that lead to inefficient use of time and resources and often portend a future crisis. If you or your organization is looking for groundbreaking insight, contact us.



The world is changing at an increasingly rapid pace, challenging societies, governments, and organizations to keep pace. Reut offers strategic analysis at various levels to organizations and executives who need to refresh their working concepts. Reut has developed new strategies for dozens of organizations in Israel and throughout the Jewish world (such as Hillel, Israel’s Innovation Authority, the Tel Aviv Municipality, etc.).



The Reut Group creates models that generate a long-term, systemic, and systematic impact. These scalable models are generally part of a strategic response aimed at closing identified fundamental gaps.



After finishing their time with us, “graduates” maintain a strong connection with Reut and the alumni network. Past Reut team members go on to hold key public positions in areas across Israel and the Jewish world.