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The Jewish Peoplehood Coalition

The Jewish Peoplehood Coalition is a vibrant professional network of over 200 Israeli organizations and leaders, working both on an individual and collective basis to connect Israeli society to World Jewry.

Launched in May 2018, the coalition focuses on developing a rich Jewish consciousness within Israeli society that reflects Israel’s connection and mutual responsibility to Jewish communities around the world.


The coalition was created based on an understanding that bridging the growing rift between Israel and World Jewry while ensuring Israel's place as the national home of the Jewish people will require a significant shift in perspective throughout Israeli society.


Today, the coalition encourages connectivity and collaboration between Israeli leaders and organizations committed to promoting Jewish values and inspires new players throughout Israeli society to take on responsibility for creating a strong, cohesive relationship with the Jewish world.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to lead a perceptual change in Israel around the question, "What does Israel mean as the national home of the Jewish people in the 21st century?”


We promote this change through strengthening Jewish Peoplehood in Israel as a way to impact Israeli mindset, policy, and organizational structures.


The Coalition’s Unique Value: 

  • A dedicated group of leaders with a commitment to the Zionist vision and State of Israel

  • A Hebrew-speaking Israeli organization for Israelis 

  • A community bringing various individual initiatives together to generate one larger vision

  • Generating a broad understanding of the issues by bringing a spectrum of voices together

  • Breaking down barriers and shortening the learning curve for new players entering the field

  • Building the profile and appeal of Israel-World Jewry relations in Israel

  • Generating a sense of community and partnership within the field

  • A creative network connecting different sectors around Israel’s relationship with World Jewry



The coalition is made up of Israeli leaders, entrepreneurs, and organizations ready to lead change in connecting Israeli society to World Jewry. The coalition welcomes any Israeli player ready to take on this vision to join its ranks and be a part of this exciting effort.


Task Forces

The Peoplehood Coalition has several task forces committed to promoting a specific initiative in strengthening Israel-World Jewry Relations. Task forces include NextGen, Education, national security, academia, government and more. 


Resource Library

The Coalition’s online resource library is a collection of sources intended to connect Israeli audiences with information on Jewish communities and peoplehood around the world. The library’s resources were aggregated by coalition members. You can check out the wide range of videos, websites, articles, and lectures here.

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