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TOM (Tikkun Olam Makers) seeks to develop a global community of makers, gathering volunteers from tech industries, designers, and engineers to develop technological innovations that address social needs. Through an online platform, the venture creates open-source technological knowledge for people around the world. The TOM process is inspired by the vision of a model society where the benefits of innovation and prosperity are shared, as well as by the 21st Century Tikkun Olam vision of Israel and the Jewish people making a significant and distinctly Jewish and Israeli contribution to the lives of a quarter of a billion people.

Leapfrog Center

The Leapfrog Center was born after 13 years of Reut research and field work in various locations in Israel. The center provides consulting, training, and implementing of regional and urban development in Israel, and has worked with regional and national government, local authorities, communal institutions, and third-sector organizations. Its work is focused on social and economic development, vision-developing processes, social entrepreneurship, communal development, and strategic plans tailor-designed to meet the needs of each city and community.  

Collective Impact
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