Peoplehood Coalition Meeting 3

Jan 2019

The Peoplehood Coalition's third meeting took place in late January at the Ministry of Education. The goal of the event was to generate a dialogue between the over 30 coalition members in attendance and the Director General's of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Diaspora affairs surrounding each other's vision and activities and areas in which to work together. 


The Coalition's next steps include:

  1. Engaging and expanding the coalition’s members.

  2. Launching three working groups: NxtGen, Thought Leaders, and Immediate Response



Meeting Summary


Statements surrounding the subject of Jewish peoplehood made by Shmuel Abuhav, Director General of the Ministry of Education, and Dvir Kahana, Director General of the Ministry of Diaspora Affairs:

  • There is a growing need to address the issue of peoplehood among Israeli society as a bridge to Jewish communities outside of Israel.

  • Shmuel Abuhav: Infusing Jewish peoplehood into Israeli society is a strategic issue. We aspire to create a long-term impact in three areas: educating students in Israel, leveraging the schools as connectors to Jewish communities in the diaspora and developing curriculum for Israelis and Jews living outside of Israel.

  • Dvir Kahana: The change in Israel should happen in three areas: the personal, the communal, and the state level. Creating strong relations with the communities and generating calls for action will create a meaningful impact.


Insights shared from the Zionism 3.0 Conference in Palo Alto, December 2018:
  • The conference highlighted the gap between Israel and World Jewry. The current challenge is for Israelis to initiate meaningful encounters.

  • Very few young people attended the conference, revealing the challenge of bringing young people into these discussions.

  • The media attention that the conference received showcased that the issue of Israel-World Jewry relations is a matter of interest to Israel's mainstream media.


The coalition’s next meeting is on April 3rd at IDC Herziliya. Click here for more information about joining the Peoplehood Coalition.


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