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A Message from Israel: Jewish solidarity during COVID-19

A Message from Israel: Jewish solidarity during COVID-19

As Israel seemingly emerges from the corona crisis, Jewish communities around the world are still at the heart of the storm. Many have lost members of their communities, are experiencing food and economic hardships and remain concerned over the future of their communal organizations and structures both during and after this crisis. In this time, Israel and its civil society leaders are looking to reach out both in message and action.

Until now, the relationship between Israel and world Jewry has revolved around the Jewish people’s support of Israel. Today, a different picture is emerging.  Israel -- its government, organizations and society -- is waking up to the interests and needs of world Jewry and see this moment as an opportunity to express unity and provide assistance to our Jewish brothers and sisters around the world.

Against this backdrop, a unique online platform was launched in May 2020 as a first step towards realizing this goal. Israel’s ‘Jewish Solidarity Platform’ is a joint effort between the Reut Group’s Peoplehood Coalition and the Ministry of Diaspora Affairs. In its first phase, it expresses a message of solidarity with Jewish communities around the world and gives Israeli organizations and civilians the opportunity to express their unity with world Jewry. So far, 160 Israeli organizations have signed on and the list continues to grow as our campaign continues.

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