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Reut Recieves the GENESIS PRIZE


The Grand Pivot of the Pro-Israel Network

Reut Recieves the GENESIS PRIZE

We are inspired by a grant from The Genesis Prize as part of “Speak Out for Israel,” a global initiative in honor of 2019 Laureate RobertKraft to combat anti-Semitism and efforts to de-legitimize Israel, both of which are on the rise again during coronavirus. We are proud to be among many pro-Israel organizations highlighting democracy, tolerance, science, technology and culture of Israel around the world.

Reut will lead a collective learning process with Israeli and Jewish leaders with the aim to reassess the new dynamics of the changing map of threats to the Jewish People in light of the coronavirus pandemic and other challenges.

While it is too early to determine the full impact of the coronavirus pandemic, it is quite certain to assume that it will have a far-reaching and long-lasting impact on the Jewish People that will require a ‘grand pivot’ of fundamental change to our institutions, structures and pattern of conduct.  Against this backdrop, Reut will lead the ‘grand pivot campaign’ that aims to catalyze the adaptation of the State of Israel and the Jewish People by providing thought leadership; orchestrating online collective learning seminars; supporting other organizations as they pivot; and Educating decision-makers. 

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