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Z3 PrepCom

Nov 2018

Z3 PrepCom

Reut is honored to announce that it is bringing a delegation of more than 30 leaders of Israeli organizations from Reut's Peoplehood Coalition to the Z3 Conference on 9 December 2018 in Palo Alto. Reut and the Oshman Family Jewish Community Center will co-host the conference.

In preparation for the conference, Reut held a Z3 PrepCom- an informational leadership seminar for the Israeli participants in November 2018. Participants discussed the conceptual framework of the conference, which seeks to place the Jewish people at the front and center of the conversation (see Manifesto to learn more).


In addition, participants prepared for the Peoplehood Workshop with Jewish and Israeli leaders that will take place the day after the Conference. The workshop will ponder the question of what Israel means as the home of and for the entire Jewish people, and how to mobilize the next generation of leaders in Israel and the Diaspora.



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