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Reut's Virtual Conference 
Tech Support

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How to join the Event Lobby

STEP 1: To register for the event


STEP 2: Once you have registered you need to access the LOBBY in order to join the seminar sessions or watch the recordings once the event has finished.

There are several ways to JOIN the event LOBBY.  Once you registered for the event you will have received an e-mail with your ticket.  Via this ticket you can enter the lobby. For demo click here.

To join the lobby you can also click again on the registration link.

Instead of "Register" you will now see "Join Lobby".


If you do not see the "Join Lobby" option please make sure you are signed into Zoom Events in your browser (top right).

Join lobby.png

Once logged into Zoom Events you can enter the lobby.  Sessions in progress will have a JOIN button. 

Please click on JOIN to enter the sessions.   Can't find the event lobby?  Just return to STEP 2.

You can also at any time log into and access your tickets there.

Screen Shot 2022-02-24 at 11.06.52.png

How to join the REUT Virtual Event Sessions

Video on how to join Zoom Events


  1. For best user experience pls join from your computer. 

  2. Tablets and mobiles are partly supported for Zoom Events.

  3. Log into Zoom with the same email address with which you signed up (only this email can use the ticket)

  4. Update Zoom to the newest version to successfully join the event!

  5. Phone dial-in is not available for this Zoom Events Conference

  6. Please use Chrome browser.

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