March 14 Alliance


The term "March 14 Alliance" refers to an anti-Syrian coalition of parties and independents in the Lebanese government. The Alliance has become one of the most significant political coalitions in Lebanon, and it includes Christian Maronite, Druze and Sunni Muslim leaders. This Alliance makes up the majority of the current Lebanese government, headed by PM Fouad Siniora.


The March 14 Alliance was formed during public demonstrations known as the Cedar Revolution, which took place one month after the assassination of Lebanon's former Prime Minister, Rafiq Hariri (02/14/05). As Syria was suspected to have backed the assassination, demonstrations were held in protest of Syria’s 29-year long occupation of Lebanon. The Alliance was named after the date on which the Syrian troops withdrew from Lebanon, which is perceived as the major achievement of the Cedar Revolution.


The March 14 Alliance includes a variety of religious and ethnic groups, which traditionally do not share the same political agenda. However, the groups united in pursuit of their common interest in the withdrawal of Syrian troops from Lebanon.

March 14 Alliance
קראו את הגרסה בעברית

Legitimacy, Emergency Preparedness, Intersectionality, Zionism, National Security Council



National Security

Regional Security

The activity of the March 14 Alliance reflects the polarization within the Lebanese political sphere.

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